Why did Shalom Lawson not receive an Amber Alert?

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  1. Mike says:

    To whom it may concern….I have been reading some of your articles and I need to say a few things. In reference to Abdul, I used to work with him and he is a staunch supporter of the black community and for you guys to slam him for wanting the facts of a certain case goes against every principle that most Americans live by. He tells it like it is and maybe that is what “pisses” you off about him. It is amazing that he has his own beliefs and you think you have the right to say whatever you want about what another AMERICAN CITIZEN believes.

    Second, the tragic story of the young man, Shalom Lawson who went missing just a few days ago and was found in a retention pond. Please, quit slamming Public Safety that we should have other means of notifying when someone goes missing. As you reported, the AMBER Alert system does work but requires certain criteria. As someone who works in Public Safety, we have a multitude of ways to “spread the word” about a missing person that you guys/gals do not need to know about. Plus, when it comes to Autistic individuals, depending on their level of functionality, most autistic children are drawn to water but they have yet to determine why these individuals have that trait. You see, when the Public Safety Agencies have a call for service like the one in Brownsburg, there are hundreds of things that happen in a very short time but the biggest part of that is gathering all the information possible from the person(s) who were last in contact with that particular individual who is missing…etc. You see there are many things that happen that the Media or the general public are not privy to and for good reasons. Please don’t write about something just to stir up controversy. How about writing about the PROJECT LIFESAVER System that is designed for children with Autism and individuals with dementia/Alzheimer’s who have a tendency to walk away, go missing or get lost. Look that system up and write a public interest piece on that instead of why the AMBER Alert was not activated and we should have other systems in place for the “Black Children” in Indy who go missing. Get the FACTS and make an informed decision about what you write and you might get more support for the material you do write about.

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