post road ponytail

The “Post Road Pony Tail” has been immortalized by Urban Dictionary.

Indianapolis is known for a few things — the world’s largest single-day sporting event (Indy 500) –Sports legends such as Reggie Miller, Peyton Manning, Oscar Robinson — having way too many one way streets for absolutely no reason downtown — and now we can add another distinction to this list. The Post Road Pony Tail.

The official Wypipo’s online guide to ebonics,, has given this term the great distinction of being added to their database.

Post Road ponytail
Started from the bottom, now we’re here.


The site describes the Post Road Pony as “A term derived from the far east side of Indianapolis. Describes a ponytail with just a few short strands of hair that sits on top of a woman’s head and the rest of the hair is gel’d down (most likely matted)”


Now that’s just disrespectful, They could have at least added something more positive –like “Jiggalate”. Maybe next time.