impd lip-synch challenge

As Murder Sweeps Through Indianapolis, IMPD Dances.

As Murder Sweeps Through Indianapolis, IMPD Dances.

Congratulations Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, Y’all played yourselves. Again.

Just last week, a complaint was filed against an IMPD officer after a video went viral of an officer questioning a black man about whether he had the right to be at his own apartment’s pool. The incident with the off duty officer caused tremendous scrutiny to the department, and became another example of the national epidemic of white people calling the police on black people innocently going through their every day routines.

Just a month ago the IMPD had to settle a Civil Lawsuit against them from the family of Aaron Bailey, a unarmed Black Man who was murdered in his vehicle via multiple shots in the back at the hands of IMPD officers. The handling of the murder of Bailey prompted massive protests and calls for the immediate firing and charges to be placed against the officers in question.

Not making matters better, in 2017 Indianapolis set it’s all-time homicide record for the third consecutive year. Homicide stats from 2018 suggest that it could be another record-breaking year for murders under the IMPD’s watch. That includes recent headlines of 7 shootings in less than 12 hours, and two separate shootings of young teenagers, one resulting in the death of 13 year old Harry Taliefer.

With all of this seemingly negative PR surrounding the IMPD like an ominous storm cloud, you would think they might be working overtime to not only improve their deteriorating relationship with the Black Community of Indy, but actually working harder to protect, serve, and make right some of the wrongs they have committed against these same people.

Instead, IMPD is focusing on their social media presence — aka trying to go viral — and in doing so, dancing on the graves of those recently lost.

Earlier this week Police Departments across the country began to partake in the “Law Enforcement Lip Sync Challenge” — because terrorizing and murdering innocent-unarmed-black men, women and children isn’t enough to satisfy these adrenaline junkies.

The IMPD, apparently in desperate need of some positive PR, used their time (and what can only assumed to be tax-payer dollars) to submit their entry into the trending challenge / meme.

The irony in the embarrassing and shameless performance by the department, who trotted out a black officer tap dancing & smiling like the Kool-Aid man to headline the clown show, could not be missed. To watch what is by all accounts — one of the nation’s worst big-city police departments — gleefully dancing and lip-synching with the same community they have neglected to serve or protect properly for a span of years.

At this point one can only ask, how braindead and out of touch are the IMPD really? On what planet would anyone associated with the department think this would be a good move — especially considering the current state of the city they are being payed to protect? Based on their recent history, IMPD doesn’t care about anything but protecting and serving their own.