longs bakery shooting

Multiple shot at Funeral of Jasmine Moore – Victim of Murder near Longs Bakery

Multiple shot at Funeral of Jasmine Moore – Victim of Murder near Longs Bakery


Longs bakery shooting
Photo Courtesy WRTV6 Indianapolis

Jasmine Moore — who lost her life in a shooting that took place  at the famous Long’s Bakery — had her funeral disrupted with hysteria when unknown shooters opened fired on the crowd who gathered. The funeral services were taking place at Sutherland Park Cemetery near E. 42nd Street and N. Keystone Avenue when the gunfire erupted. 

According to witnesses who were in attendance, the funeral procession was moving from Friendship Missionary Baptist Church, to the Sutherland Park Cemetery when the attack took place. 

Multiple local media outlets have reported that this shooting is in relation to the alleged Grundy Crime Family of Indianapolis, even though none of those reports have  been confirmed. The deceased Moore being related to Richard Grundy III, who was also wounded in today’s shooting, is the source for the majority of these stories. Witnesses also stated that many people were aware of The Grundy Family being in attendance.

Besides Grundy, two other women were wounded in the shooting but are expected to survive. There is currently no word on the condition of Richard Grundy III.


Multiple sources via The Indy Channel have reported that Richard Grundy III had a $50,000 bounty put on his head prior to the shooting. There has been no update on Grundy’s condition since he was injured in the gunfire.