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Mayor Joe Hogsett’s Meaningless Speech To the Black Church about Aaron Bailey

Mayor Joe Hogsett’s Meaningless Speech To the Black Church about Aaron Bailey

Sunday morning church service has always been a time-honored tradition in American society, especially within our own black community. It’s a chance to start with a “fresh week” and a renewed mindset.

I have a newborn child, so going to church has become somewhat of a task in recent times. Today, since we “fell back” with the daylight savings time change, I found myself running on time — well, somewhat — on time. I arrived to church services just in time to hear Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett address the black church about the recent murder of Aaron Bailey by the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department.

Aaron Bailey Protesters Outside of Indy City County Building – WRTV6

Low Expectations

I didn’t expect much from the mayor going into the speech,  so I wasn’t too disappointed by his so called “heartfelt” — yet empty — words. He failed to address how no criminal charges have been brought against the officers who murdered Aaron Bailey in a traffic stop. He began the speech with a quote from Martin Luther King Jr. — and ended  with a roaring “BLACK LIVES MATTER” before leaving quickly.  He added, almost as a footnote, that he was to be held accountable for the incident with Aaron Bailey. I however personally, was unmoved by this speech.

Unarmed Aaron Bailey, murdered after routine traffic stop by IMPD – RTV6

The woman seated infront of me turned around and remarked “Is he serious?” In fact, when I Googled the mayor afterwards, I found a transcript for similar speech that he made at this years IBE beginning with the exact same MLK quote, as if Dr King had only said one profound thing in his lifetime. If “Black Lives Matter” — why not exercise your White Privilege to bring justice to Aaron Baileys family,  instead of delivering rehearsed speeches to predominantly black churches on Sunday morning? Or better yet, write a speech that shows you have some empathy for our community and Aaron Bailey’s family.

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