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Mayor Joe Hogsett Embraces Hip-Hop with Nap or Nothing Visit

Mayor Joe Hogsett Embraces Hip-Hop with Nap or Nothing Visit

Indianapolis had an Easy-E in the White House moment, when Mayor Joe Hogsett made his way to the Nap-or-Nothing store at Lafayette Square Mall — and proceeded to turn his swagger up to a hundred thousand trillion.

Nap-Or-Nothing — owned by local standout musician Maxie Yungtone — has been one of the premiere establishments in the city featuring local clothing brands, music, and production studios. The store features some of the hottest clothes from popular designers in the city, and makes its name on featuring and promoting Naptown Hip-Hop Culture.

The Nap-Or-Nothing Store @ Lafayette Square Mall

So, many were surprised when The Mayor himself Joe Hogsett himself made his way to Nap-Or-Nothing for a tour of the building and an impromptu photoshoot that has the city talking.

Mayor Hogsett threw on a signature Nap-Or-Nothing jacket with their popular logo and posed for the cameras. With his swag now somewhere around Super-Sayain Post Malone/Justin Timberlake levels, everyone around him seemed to be having a great time.

While normally a white politician posing for cameras with black folks means absolutely nothing for the Black Community, Hogsett seems to be fairing better than most, taking accountability for law enforcements murder of unarmed Aaron Bailey, and pushing for reform of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department policies.

However we will take this one, as the co-sign from the mayor of the city is much deserved for the long established and prominent brand Nap-Or-Nothing.