The ‘Master Plan’ For Riverside Park that will transform the area.

The ‘Master Plan’ For Riverside Park that will transform the area.

Someone has been ‘Thinkin of a Master Plan’ for the historic Riverside Park, located on the near northside of the city.

The Riverside Regional Park Master Plan Committee — which consists as a conglomerate of 6 different local entities working together — unveiled the first details of the “Riverside Park Master Plan”.

The group , which has been having closed-door meetings for months, finally showed to the public details of the vision to transform Riverside into something on par with the renowned Eagle Creek Park , if not grander.

Conglomerate of planners behind “The Riverside Master Plan”

The area that currently includes Riverside Park is larger than even Central Park of New York City — perhaps the most well known park in the country. By eliminating two of the four golf courses that currently reside on park grounds (South Grove & Riverside Golf Course) planners hope to unleash the full potential of sprawling and hilly territory.

The Coffin golf course and Gold Academy will remain beyond the expansion.

Black Indy Live Correspondent Wildstyle Paschall was a part of the 6-months of meetings that led to the recent public unveiling of the plan.

“I like the idea. This was a 6 month process of meetings I was involved in, and this was the (final) presentation to the Parks Department Board to accept or deny our proposals.” Paschall said. 

“(The committee) are talking about putting in Zip Lines, trails, a pool and aquatic center, and an outdoor roller rink with rock climbing.”

The proposal was accepted by the Parks Department. It features several elements that once reached will expand and transform Riverside Park. These elements include….

  • Beauty & Activity in Every Season

  • Visionary Public Art & Unique Identity

  • Activities & Amenities for All Ages

  • Safe, Well-Maintained, & Accessible

  • Intimate Spaces and Grand Vistas

  • Ecologically Appropriate

The process of expanding the park is just now entering the infancy of what the planning committee foresees as a “10 to 15 year process”. If and when funding is provided, a gradual rollout will commence.

Currently there is no money assigned for the project, and a lack of expenses being covered by the city is pushing towards a Non-Profit being created in order to fundraise for the expanded park.

The website for the organization and more in-depth information can be found at