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Man Confronts Local Business After Anti-Colin Kaepernick Social Media Post.

Man Confronts Local Business After Anti-Colin Kaepernick Social Media Post.

A local Indianapolis man decided to film his visit to GiGi’s Cupcakes — a local Bakery — after the establishment released a controversial Social Media post insinuating that those who protested the National Anthem were not welcome there.

GiGi’s Cupcakes, located near Keystone & The Crossing, released the critical post on their Instagram page and received immediate backlash, as recent news headlines have focused on the resurrected NFL protests against Police Brutality, started by Colin Kaepernick

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Original Instagram Post from Gigi’s


Ryan Beckwith of Indianapolis — and supporter of Colin Kaepernick’s movement against police brutality — took that a step further when he went into the bakery to film his interactions with the staff, and see if he would be welcomed in the building. The entire conversation was posted on Beckwith’s Facebook page. After initial hesitation, Beckwith was able to have a civil conversation with a staff member regarding their philosophical differences.


The bakery later backtracked from their original statements, later saying on their Facebook page that the comments were “misinterpreted”, ¬†and that they “never had refused anyone, nor will we”.

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Beckwith’s social media post has since went viral, and Black Indy Live spoke to him about the situation. He stated that he decided to visit GiGi’s in person after he saw their posts on social media. Even though he had no intentions of causing any trouble, he was initially hesitant because of the buildings proximity to Hamilton County — known for it’s racial bias against Black People. However, once one of the staff members invited him over the corner to speak directly, his anxiety was eased.

Beckwith said that he was happy that more awareness was brought to Colin Kaepernick’s and The NFL’s Anti-Police Brutality protests, and that as far as the staff at GiGi’s Cupcakes — he was “happy I made (them) think.”

He also expressed to us that he received the courage to approach the establishment from his church home, New Direction Worship Center located in Haughville, and his Pastor — Dr. Michael Searcy. He hopes to continually strive to change his community, one family at a time.