Jason Whitlock Is An Embarrassment To The City of Indianapolis

Jason Whitlock Is An Embarrassment To The City of Indianapolis

Indianapolis, Indiana does not claim with Jason Whitlock. He has no fan club located in his hometown –no remembrance of his name 45 minutes north at his Alma-Mater Ball State University– no fanfare when he returns home to The Circle City. We don’t f*ck with Jason Whitlock. This feeling isn’t quite reciprocated on Whitlock’s end — even though he doesn’t exactly proclaim his homecoming everytime he crosses the Indiana State Border, when convenient he does weave his heritage as a Hoosier and midwestern sports-fan throughout personal anecdotes on several platforms he has appeared on over the years.

Jason Whitlock showing his appreciation for Melanated Women

If you’re not familiar with the work of Jason Whitlock….then that is good for you. For the people who have been subjugated to listen to Jason’s self-hating, often incoherent, and white-supremacist talking point laced ramblings for the last decade or so, nothing you are about to read next will come as a big shock to you. Actually, it just might.

Whitlock most recently has been in headlines for inserting himself into the rift between Famous Sports-Dad Lavar Ball, and his Fox News Colleague, reporter Kristine Leahy. Ball famously told Leahy to ‘Stay in her lane’ after the media personality criticized his parenting and insinuated that he was an abusing father who struck terror into his children. Apparently not a fan of bowling, track-and-field, or any other lane-driven professions, Leahy cried foul and accused Ball of Sexism, Fat Shaming, and demanded that News Networks would stop bringing the outspoken father on their airwaves. Leahy was rightfully dragged up and down all forms of Black Social Media for using a tried and true tactic of playing victim to vilify a Black Man, it even went as far as having her situation compared to the one that resulted in the murder of Emmitt Till. Jason Whitlock wasn’t having any of that.


You see Jason is the living-breathing version of the infamous character from the cult classic Boondocks….Jason Whitlock IS Uncle Ruckus. If you’re not familiar with this character, Uncle Ruckus was a Black Man that hated Black People and anything to do with their, and his, culture.

Jason “Uncle Ruckus” Whitlock

Whitlock has a reputation of being an extremely vocal critic of Black Culture and Black People in general. This is the same individual who was fired from his own creation at ESPN, The Undefeated for being a “poison”,  who trashed Serena Williams for having too much “Junk In Her Trunk”, the same clown who has continuously mocked Colin Kaepernick — going even as far as to name him “Martin Luther Cornroll”, and even made the outrageous statement “The conversation about Police Brutality is a Lie”. If i wanted to dedicate this entire article to the Coon-tastic things he has said over his career it would be a multi-page event. We have already established that Jason is so deep in ‘The Sunken Place’ that even Barry Allen as The Flash couldn’t restore his Black-Levels back to anything nominal. But early today….. Jason Whitlock lost his f*cking mind

“I get when I was a young person some people called me a bad name, the N word, whatever, it hurt my feelings. But did it stop me from rising? Hell No, did it stop Lebron James? And you know Lebron’s comment about no matter how rich you are, no matter how famous you are, it’s tough being black in America…that is a lie. It’s not tough being Oprah Winfrey, It’s not tough being Lebron James, it’s not tough being Jason Whitlock” 

In case your computer screen is too caked in vomit at this point to continue watching that clip, wipe it down like Lil Boosie and stay with me. Those few lines do a perfect job of summing up the arrogance, false sense of self-importance (Oprah, Lebron, and ‘The Jason’ are his three examples of the ‘Easy Life’ of being Black?) and the disconnect from the real experiences of every day Black Folk that Mr Whitlock is dealing with. I’ll mention again that he was fired from arguably his biggest positive contribution to Black Society for almost killing it before it had a chance to go live, ESPN’s Black Sports Site The Undefeated.

Let us make one thing clear, Jason. Just because you tap danced and Mistrel-Showed your Black ass to the kind of life where you brag about your doorman flashing his teeth as you waddle to the elevator, does NOT mean all Black People made it. It does NOT mean being Black is Easy. Even though you erroneously tried to use Oprah Winfrey  to attempt to prove this misguided train of thought —  she would not even agree with you. You and the small percentage of people like yourself are what is called an “Aberration”. 

Definition of “Aberration”

I am not a doctor, nor did I stay in a Holiday Inn Express last night, but I DO know that in statistics — you RULE OUT aberrations. They skew the numbers and give a false sense of the data provided. For you to make the kind of statement that you did, was probably the most Anti-Black and out of touch thing that I have ever seen leave your mouth or keyboard, and that is saying A LOT.

On behalf of the Black Community of Indianapolis, Indiana — I hereby officially sign and seal your eviction papers. We don’t know, claim, or like you. Stop saying you are from here. You are a shame to all the Black People in and from this city. But we hear Carmel is hiring, you’d like it better there.