Indy Radio Station Under fire for “Bad Business” Against Local Musician

Indy Radio Station Under fire for “Bad Business” Against Local Musician

WaveOne Radio just launched — but they are already facing a PR Nightmare involving one of Indianapolis’s most visible local Musicians.

Zachery Le’On, fresh off a tour featuring his music, recently returned home to Indianapolis to begin crafting and promoting his new album, entitled “Ion-6”. Le’On had been in the midst of a promotional tour for the release, which was scheduled to culminate with an album release event at the WaveOne Studios.

It’s looking like the event, which was scheduled to take place on Saturday June 16th, is not going to happen. WaveOne cancelled the event suddenly, and the owner of the station (Chance Felling) reportedly went on a tirade, saying he was tired tired of “you guys” “trying to do stuff for free”

Le’On took to Facebook Live, visibly upset and understandably frustrated, to notify his followers on the circumstances that led to the cancellation of the event.


“I met Matt back in April after a show downtown. We have a few sit downs and came to the conclusion that I would run a podcast out of WaveOne for hip hop.” Le’on Told Black Indy Live

“So i came up with Late Night Lemonade Podcast, did 4 interviews with local creators and organized my album release show and podcast release the same day…today I contacted Matt to ask about coming to the station early to set up and he informed me that he no longer works for WaveOne. So I contacted the son of the building (Wyatt Felling) owner and he told me they wouldn’t be able to honor previous plans of hosting the event”

“(The Owner Expressed) how he would not host my event because he is not doing free stuff anymore he’s tired of “us” trying to do stuff for free….. He continued to talk over me and yell telling me he wouldn’t honor my agreement. I voiced how unprofessional he was and he told me “do not tell me how to do business”

Le’on feels frustrated and taken advantage of now being faced with not only having to notify his followers of the cancellation of the much anticipated event, but scramble to quickly reschedule the release party.

“I voiced to him that I had already put 2 months of promotion and marketing into this event and he still let me know he wouldn’t do it. I have never had such an unprofessional encounter musically in my whole career”

WaveOne did not make things better with their response to the backlash on social media. Faced with an onslaught of 1-Star reviews on the station’s Facebook Page — WaveOne did not stop at just ignoring the controversy, they removed their review rating from the public visibility. The page had dropped from a 5.0 rating to 2.5 in a short amount of time.

At the time of this stor, WaveOne Radio still not had addressed the claims, and could not be reached for comment.

However, the teenage son of the Station’s owner emailed Le’on, claiming that he had just successfully convinced his father to allow the event to go on — but the one-star reviews left on WaveOne Radio’s page by Le’ons upset followers was the ultimate reason for the event having to be pulled.

You can visit WaveOne Radio’s Facebook page by clicking here, where comments and concerns can still be posted on the page.

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