Yet another police killing… As the world watches.

Yet another police killing… As the world watches.

Another Police Killing in the Midwest

The epidemic of the police killing of Black People with impunity has been sweeping over Midwestern states like Ohio, and Illinois — and this morning it reached out and struck in the capital city of Indianapolis, Indiana.

A 45 year old resident, Aaron Bailey, was gunned down after allegedly driving away from a routine traffic stop. Police opened fire into the Bailey’s vehicle, which was also carrying a 26 year-old female passenger. It was later discovered no weapons were in either of their possession. That woman was later arrested on narcotics charges.

police killing

Bailey was transported to Eskenazi Hospital, where he later died.

The police officers who killed Bailey have yet to be identified by the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department. And a statement by an IMPD sergeant appears to justify the shooting into the vehicle of two unarmed Black People being pursued for minor traffic violations.

“Just because you don’t find a weapon does not mean that it can’t be reasonable (to use force),” IMPD Sgt. Kendale Adams told Fox59. “Obviously, there are a lot of factors that go into that when officers have to make that decision.”


Will another police killing result in a paid vacation?

The killing by police officers have been transferred to paid “administrative duty” while the shooting is being investigated. Witnesses from the neighborhood described hearing the Officers fire multiple rounds unto the unarmed pair.

“I was in the house in my back room. I am a night owl. And I was working out with some weights and watching some news channels,” neighbor John Sampson told Fox59. “I heard the popping sound. My first thought was (that) it was fireworks, but then they were, it sounded like they were almost like at the same time.”

This story is still developing, and will continue to bring updates as more details become clear. The police killings of black people in Indianapolis has to stop.