Indiana Democratic Leader Goes On Alleged White-Supremacist Rant Against Black Lives Matter, Indy Black Leaders

A Democratic party leader from New Castle Indiana went on an allegedly-racist tirade against Black Democratic leaders. Randy Howard — the leader of the New Castle Chapter of Hoosiers with Heart, and member of The Henry County Democratic Party — used social media to lash out with white supremacist innuendos against Indianapolis Political leaders, and the organization Black Lives Matter.


Howard — who has long been criticized for his suspected white-supremacist views, and “propagating misinformation, demeaning pro-choice women,… making sure people know that he doesn’t support the causes of the LGBTQ community” — has been under fire from members of his own Democratic Party in the past for his racist statements. Howard has also taken a public stance against Colin Kaepernick and other demonstrations against Police Brutality against Black People.

Suspected White-Supremacist Randy Howard, of The New Castle Democratic Party


Despite claims from Howard that he was “ambushed on social media” by members of Black Lives Matter,  and designation of the organization as a “hate group” — no evidence could be found by investigators at Black Indy Live to support these claims.


Howard also used social media to further condemn Colin Kaepernick, and  took aim at Indianapolis Democratic Political-Leader Dana Black


At this time there has been no official response from Democratic Officials from New Castle or Indianapolis condemning Howard’s hate speech. We will keep you updated as this story develops.