aaron bailey murdered indianapolis police

IMPD Executed Aaron Bailey with 4 Shots in his Back.

IMPD Executed Aaron Bailey with 4 Shots in his Back.

Aaron Bailey killed by police Indianapolis

The Marion County Coroner has released the autopsy of Aaron Bailey, with the Cause of Death listed as “Homicide”.

On the morning of June 29th, Aaron Bailey was gunned down during an altercation with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department. In the aftermath of the killing, IMPD justified the shooting by alleging that Bailey led the officers on a brief pursuit following a traffic violation. Despite the use of lethal force by the officers, there has been no evidence to suggest that Bailey had a weapon, or made any threatening movements towards officers prior to being shot. The recent release of Bailey’s Autopsy reveals the extent of how viciously he was murdered by Indianapolis Police.

Aaron Bailey Autopsy

The Coroner’s office has officially listed the cause of death for Bailey as being a “Homicide”. However, it is important to note that the Coroner’s Office is only responsible for making a determination of a person’s cause of death — not if a crime was committed leading to the cause of death — which is the responsibility of the Prosecutor’s Office. What is important for a criminal case being made appeared next in Bailey’s Autopsy.

The Coroner concluded that Bailey died by 4 gunshots that went through the chest, all which entered from his back. One exited through Bailey’s neck — with the other three coming to rest in his elbow, shoulder, and chest areas. This paints the story of a man who was unjustifiably executed by Law Enforcement. With no evidence of Bailey being armed or even allegations of him making threatening movements towards officers (which normally follows these types of killings as a standard part of the officer’s defense) — the narrative of the story has shifted into what would cause Police Officers to fire multiple shots into a unarmed man in a vehicle not even facing towards them? When will criminal charges be filed against those officers for this execution of an unarmed citizen they were sworn to protect?

aaron bailey murdered by police indianapolis
No Indystar, The Coroner said this not the family.

Sergeant Kendale Adams of the Indianapolis Police Department previously released a statement on the behalf of IMPD, saying

“Just because you don’t find a weapon does not mean that it can’t be reasonable [to use force],” Adams said. “Obviously, there are a lot of factors that go into that when officers have to make that decision.”

Our next question to Adams and the rest of his colleagues at IMPD should be, what other factors go into murdering an Unarmed Black Man, Execution-Style, with 4 shots in his back that travel through his chest and neck? We eagerly await the Police Department’s response.