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Grow With Google Event in Indy helps Tech Crowd Work for Themselves

Grow With Google Event in Indy helps Tech Crowd Work for Themselves

This past weekend of November 10th -11th was a weekend to remember.  This event was absolutely everything for a Tech guru and anyone majoring in Computer Science, Information Technology, Educators, Business owners basically everyone.  It was also well organized and thorough.  A few take a ways from the event I have from the The seminars I attended:

#1. Inspiring Students Using Technology – this seminar was a great resource for Teachers and educators to help engage and immerse students with technology and critical thinking skills. Applied Digital Skills is a curriculum that provides middle school and high school students with the critical-thinking and digital skills they need to solve problems in work and in life. More info can be found at

Be Internet Awesome is a Multifaceted program for kids in grades 4 through 8.  It includes a fun, web-based game called Interland, and an educational curriculum to teach kids how to be safe online.

CS First is a free, accessible, and fun computer science club curriculum for students in grades 4 through 8.

Expeditions Pioneer Program Through virtual reality, teachers can bring the world into the classroom to help middle school students engage with immersive lessons.

Google Educator Group is a Community of Educators who learn, share, and inspire one another to meet the needs of students through technology solutions — both in the classroom and beyond.  You can also become certified once you’ve learned google tool fundamentals at

#2. Intro to Online Marketing – this seminar was a presentation showing resources and tools to the business owners and the ones thinking about becoming business owners. A few key questions were asked to people considering becoming  business owners:

  • What are your goals?
  • Who is your audience?
  • How will you reach them?
  • How will you measure?

A tool that also stuck out to me was Google my Business, where you can go and create your own website for free, also  businesses that already have their own websites can go on there and upload their business information to be easily accessible on Google. If you need pictures taken of your physical business you can request a google photographer come out and take pics  and upload to “Google My Business.” You can find a complete list of resources at

#3. Get started with Code – This was a presentation to get you started in learning the basics of coding. I still have a hangover headache from trying to code, the class was very hands on and I was able to code about one line but it was very informative indeed.  A few tools and resources:

  • Google Developers Codelabs Provides a guided hands-on coding experience through codelabs.
  • Google Applied CS with Android is a Free online course designed to prepare you for your computer science career through hands on coding experience.

Now, outside of the classrooms were booths set up  with more resources and services to help grow your business. One booth in particular that really won me over was the charging booth. While my phone was charging the Google employee he asked me “sir would you like to learn a cool trick?” I said sure, so he grabbed a dummy phone and pulled up this app named “Primer” that contained several different tutorials where you can learn a new business or marketing skill. I personally breezed through one in 5 minutes, a very cool handy resource. Primer is a free google app just go to your app store and download.

There was much more going on at the event but those were just a few of my short take a ways.

If I had one slight criticism it would be the advertisement. The only way I heard about this event was going on was through Facebook. Not even the local news advertised (to my knowledge).

Also, for our Black Community the numbers were very low. The day I attended the event was about a good 30 (barely) was in attendance out of about 500 people.  This was a major networking event for us to get our platform across and to strengthen and unify ourselves more. Overall the event was A1 — they offered you seminars, resources, FOOD (where they catered to the VEGAN as well) I know if you were to take these courses in College, it would cost you thousands of dollars but it was all the way free, including the parking.

Tyren Jo