How To DONATE To Black Indy Live: Support Black-Owned Media

How To DONATE To Black Indy Live: Support Black-Owned Media

Black Indy Live has had the privilege to serve the Black Community of Indianapolis since March of 2017. In just these few months we have seen growth and support unlike anything we could have initially imagined in such a short span of time. Reaching over 100,000 people, with tens of thousands shares on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, our readers have quickly made us one of the leading trailblazers in a new wave of Black Media in the city of Indianapolis, IN.

Allowing our platform to produce meaningful and hard-hitting stories, and remain completely free of traditional advertisements that lower the user experience, is one of our proudest accomplishments. Black Indy Live is 100% community-funded, and we plan to continue to offer optical experience without inserting pop-ups and other intrusive ads into our platform.

We also are expanding our database of Black Businesses, Events, Correspondents & Writers, and the capabilities of our platform via software and hardware. In order to keep growing at this tremendous rate, we need YOU, our readers and supporters, to continue to help us reach new heights.

You can help support Black Owned Media by contributing today directly at our PayPal button below.

Also for alternate payments / inquires you can contact our team at

Thank you again for all you continue to do!