BLM leader targeted columbus teen

Columbus Teen Depicts Lynching Of Local Black Lives Matter Leader

Columbus Teen Depicts Lynching Of Local Black Lives Matter Leader

A Columbus teen allegedly made a number of sickening posts to social media — targeting the president of the Columbus Chapter of Black Lives Matter — Brittany Talissa King

In the series of vicious posts to Facebook — Seth Spears of Columbus North High School bombarded King with racially charged and threatening messages.

When cowardly racists inbox you to lynch yourself. Boy, you have the wrong one. #YouJustPlayedYourself

* He also took a…

Posted by Brittany Talissa King on Thursday, October 26, 2017

“You think you can stop the midwestern alliance? Lynch yourself N*gger everyone knows black lives don’t matter”

“F*ck BLM! N*gger lives ain’t worth sh*t”

In the most disturbing post, Spears edited footage of an interview King did on a local news station. He then depicted King as an offensive cartoon-like caricature with a noose draped around her neck.

columbus black lives matter leader threatened by lynching form seth spears hilltop vape shop

The family of Spears reportedly owns the Hilltop Vape Shop of Columbus, and made the following statement

First and foremost, there is no place for racism or hate in our business or our personal lives. We all know that social media can send things sideways and we would like to provide some facts regarding recent posts to our page. The child in question is, in fact, of mixed race. He was bullied at school and on social media because of it until he finally walked away from his Facebook account, several weeks ago. While we will continue to investigate the allegations made against him, we do not believe they originated from him. Again, Hilltop does not condone the messages of hate and racism seen in the post. We stand by and with our beautiful, diverse Columbus community.


columbus teen hilltop vape shop lynch black lives matter member


At the time of this story, there has been no word on if charges will be filed against Spears — in what could be considered a threat on the life of a Black Leader of the Community.