Chef Oya's The Trap

Chef Oya’s The Trap is Setting The City On Fire

You have to either not be present on social media — or living under a rock — to have not noticed the major waves “Chef Oya’s The Trap” has been making in the Culinary scene of Indianapolis. The cozy establishment, located on the  near the intersections of 38th street and Keystone Avenue, has recently skyrocketed into a must-visit attraction in the city. It is not out of the ordinary for long lines to be seen zigzagging out from the main window, where Chef Oya herself can often be viewed serving the customers — who are quickly becoming dedicated and appreciative followers of the mouth-watering dishes served from “The Trap”.

Chef Oya's The Trap
Long lines have become the norm at “The Trap” a testament to the quality of the food.

#DeliciouslyDopeSeafood in the motto, and Chef Oya is certainly delivering on that promise. Using her signature ingredient “Trap Buttah” Oya has crafted a variety of exuberant and delicious seafood-plates, that her customers often happily photograph and post to social media before devouring their meals. Even the local mainstream media of Indy are singing the praises of The Trap, demonstrating the influence and success of the rising Black-Owned Business.

I took it to work to eat it, and every time I opened the lid, and showed someone I got the same reaction: “Oh. My. Gosh! (mouth falls open).” –


With the whole city taking note, Chef Oya is recreating the Seafood Scene with her visions coming to life through her food. If you want to try it  yourself to become a believer — besides preparing for the long lines — make sure you visit The Trap during their regular operating hours of 11-3 Tuesday through Friday, and 12-4 on Saturdays. The Trap is closed on Sunday and Monday. But it’s certainly looking like the wait is more than worth it.


Chef Oya's The Trap
Some signature dishes from Chef Oya’s The Trap



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