why i can't bring a white man home

I Can’t Bring A White Man Home | Nikki’s Corner

I Can’t Bring A White Man Home | Nikki’s Corner

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I’m back again with another unpopular opinion!

Originally, I was going to title this blog post “Interracial Relationships” but I thought about how the subject directly affects ME, and then I thought, “I Can’t Bring a White Man Home” would be a more fitting title. Because for the most part, it’s true.

Now let’s get into it.

Let me start off by saying this post may be a bit racially insensitive, so I apologize in advance.

When I think of interracial relationships, my mind immediately goes to a black guy and a white girl. Now of course I know that interracial couples include all mixes of races, but white women with black men is the most common type of interracial couple I see.  Now, I am from a small town in Indiana – – Kokomo.

A little history fact: Kokomo, Indiana is noted as one first homes of the KKK hate group. Not proud, jus stating facts. Anyways.

So, it came as no surprise to me when one of my guy friends (who is black) was telling me a story about how he was helping his (white) girlfriend’s grandparents clean up their attic and found a klan suit. I believed it. We hear stories all the time on daytime television about white girls having secret black boyfriends because they can’t be honest with their parents about who they’re dating, or white women being disowned from their families for marrying a black man, or worse – having kids with one.

But what isn’t talked about is how that same racial tension exists on the other side of the fence as well. Most of my male cousins have white women and mixed children.  And I’ll be the first to admit that it took a lot for the family not to whisper when my oldest cousin Dijuan brought ‘Becky with the Good Hair’ home for Christmas. Who am I kidding? We did whisper…my grandma said most of what she had to say out loud though. #NoFilter

My granny is creative.  I won’t repeat the things she may or may not have called that woman.  (Side note: Old black people are some of the most outspokenly racist people you’ll ever meet…it’s hilarious, and I enjoy it purely.)

But the fact of the matter is that bringing home a white significant other in a ‘traditional black family’ might be just as frowned upon as bringing home a black significant other in some white families.

Don’t shoot the messenger.

I love love y’all, and in no way am I trying to bash interracial couples. This is merely an observation mixed in with my opinion.

But for me, as a 23 year-old black female, belonging to the family that I belong to – I can’t bring a white man home.  And if I do, HE AND I better be prepared! Verbal lashings, jokes, questions, insults disguised as questions…the list goes on.

And not to say my family would never come around, because they definitely would, hell, they HAVE. I told y’all half my cousins are half-breeds. Excuse me, I mean…..bi-racial. And we love them just the same!

I don’t know, I guess the point of this post was just to shed light on the other side of interracial relationships.  The side that doesn’t get talked about enough.  The black side.

Don’t mind me. I’m just talkin ’bout what I’m talkin ’bout.

Until next time y’all.

– Nikki