Abdul-Hakim Shabazz

Black Face, White Supremacist.

Black Face, White Supremacist.

Suspected White-Supremacist Collaborator Abdul-Hakim Shabazz

Why do Media Outlets like The Indianapolis Recorder and WIBC allow suspected white-supremacist collaborator Abdul-Hakim Shabazz to have a prominent voice on their outlets?

The Black Community of Indianapolis are no strangers to the anti-black Shenanigans of Abdul-Hakim “Uncle Ruckus” Shabazz . One of our first published pieces detailed Shabazz, in a poor attempt of being facetious, giving the okay for white people to call blacks N*ggers, — this in a failed attempt to have the Black Deputy Mayor of Indianapolis, David Hampton, removed. Shabazz, who is a self proclaimed “Conservative Mogul”, runs the media outlet Indypolitics.org and has made a name for himself being critical of Black People on every platform he appears on.

There was that time he justified the high homicide rates in urban communities in Indy, calling it “a self cleaning oven”. The time he defended Police Stop-and-Frisk,  or criticized an investigation being done on Black Voters having their votes illegally disenfranchised (by using the term “Negro Please” midway through the article), responded in the immediate aftermath of Donald Trump’s election with a story entitled “You People need to calm down”, called supporters of Obama and Democrats “Typical Negroes”, or when he responded to the lack of, and violent policing in Black neighborhoods by writing a story called “You Get The Policing You Deserve”. Seriously — all of this is from two pages of searching his columns. I might even have more links if I wasn’t a hop, skip, and a jump away from throwing up all over my computer and possibly losing this entire article.

Suspected White-Supremacist Collaborator Abdul-Hakim Shabazz

A few days ago he took this destructive language to a new low, and unfortunately the Indianapolis Recorder gave him a large platform to spread his views.

The murder of Indy resident Aaron Bailey, who was unarmed when shot to death by police after an attempt at a routine traffic stop, has sparked outrage in the city. It was recently announced that The FBI will open an investigation into the IMPD for Civil Rights violations in the killing, and the death has resulted in protests from local activism groups. It was clear to most parties, including the IMPD’s code of conduct, that the officers were in the wrong.

That did not stop Shabazz from blasting “social justice warriors” for demanding the firing of the officers involved in Aaron Bailey’s murder, citing his “minimal sympathy for people who have bad things happen to them while they’re in the process of breaking the law”. In the hit-piece on Bailey and the Activism Community, Shabazz also went out of his way to bring up Bailey’s irrelevant criminal history, and appeared to justify the police opening fire and killing Bailey, who had no weapon.

And while we’re at it, remember that informed speculation concept I mentioned earlier. Here’s a little of that right now: Bailey was not unfamiliar with law enforcement. According to my colleagues at RTV 6, he’d been the subject of 16 police reports since 2014, including being a suspect in cases involving “theft, robbery, auto theft and carjacking.” And he managed to amass 11 felonies since 1996.

Secondly, from what we know at the moment, this wasn’t an instance where the cops pulled up to a corner and Bailey started running. This incident occurred during a traffic stop at 1:45 a.m. at Burdsal Parkway and Riverside Drive. During the stop, which was nine minutes long, Bailey thought it would be a good idea to take off. So he did. He led police on a 2-mile chase, making a couple of turns before crashing near 23rd and Fall Creek.

Now, this is where we have to do some fact finding, because it is said that when the officers told Bailey to get out of the car and put his hands up, instead of reaching up, he reached down and then multiple shots were fired. He did not have a weapon, but his passenger was arrested on a drug charge.

Now it is beyond a shadow of a doubt that Shabazz is right-wing, unapologetic, unanimous, tap-dancing, clear-cut Uncle Tom. No, seriously — he called himself one in his article (“Yes, I Am a Uncle Tom” ). He knows this and enjoys the perceived stature it gives him in the conservative circles he operates in to make a living. That however does not mean that he should be able to nonchalantly have his negative content published on one of the most historic Black Newspapers in the country. Shabazz is a part of the old-guard of Black radio personalities in Indy, older personalities who are so used to collecting checks from media and government, that they make sure never to actually speak out too harshly against the on’s who keep their lights on. I am not expecting a snake to grow legs out of nowhere, even if it is to put on tap dancing shoes and give his rendition of Riverdance — That is was Abdul Hakim-Shabazz does.

But, maybe it is time to start holding these local media outlets that publish and sponsor his work accountable for what they allow to be put on their platform attacking Black People. On a personal level, I admire the prestige of the Indianapolis Recorder and their Editor-in-Chief, but it is extrememly concerning that they still allow these type of messages to be published on their newspaper. There is something wrong when I visit the website for the supposed source of Black Community News, and the only article mentioned on the murder of an unarmed Black Man in the city is by a Self-Hating Joke of a Columnist, who is justifying his death and telling us to “wait for the facts, he was a criminal anyway”

Abdul-Hakim Shabazz Coon
Indy Recorder’s Only Frontpage Mention of Aaaron Bailey

Shabazz also has a radio program on local station WIBC 93.1, and is a regular columnist for The Indianapolis Recorder. We urge our readers who are unhappy with this situation to contact both of these organizations and let them know your disappointment in the content they are putting out towards the Black Community. We have provided the information to get in touch with WIBC and The Indianapolis Recorder below.


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