Best of 2018: Who’s the #1 Rapper in Indianapolis?

Best of 2018: Who’s the #1 Rapper in Indianapolis?

It’s time for the very first Black Indy Awards for 2018: Where you vote for, and we recognize Indianapolis’s Brightest & Blackest from all areas of culture, business and entertainment.

No better way to kick off this Award Series than with our Fan Vote for the Best Rapper in Indianapolis — a category that is hotly contested and debated on a variety of publications and media outlets in the city every year.

How it works:

Votes will be determined as a combination of 2 categories: The Fan Vote (Make sure you vote for #1 at the bottom of this page) and Our Weighted Panel Vote. Our handpicked judges panel will vote based off of these elements: Recent Projects, Influence in the City, Fan Base, and Momentum. At the end of the two week voting period, each side of votes will be weighted 50/50 in order to decide who wins Indianapolis Rapper of The Year for 2018.


The Line Up

(All Photo Credits go to All317HipHop)

D Bo

No introduction is really needed for D Bo — he had one of the strongest runs in recent memory; full of headlines, controversy, and some of the most popular music in the city. Even though it had an unfortunate end with him currently being incarcerated, there’s no way he can’t be on this list.


Maybe the most underrated Rapper on this list, between his own successful solo project “Kuro” — and his Cypher series “Microphone Fiend Cyphers” — DisTinct’s contributions to the culture got him a spot on this exclusive list.

Double A

The reigning “Indystar Best Rapper in Indianapolis’ in 2018 has had one hell of a year. Between rapping his ass off, performing at Chreece, and opening his own clothing store ‘Naptown Thrift”– 2018 was a good year for Aaron “Double A” Marshall


After a year of great performances, music videos, even going across the pond to London: Diop ended the year by dropping what may call the best project to come out of Indianapolis in 2018


Say what you want about Flaco, he has more than made a name for himself in the Rap game. From touring across the country, to giving arguably the best performance during this year’s Chreece 4 — his energetic and passionate fanbase along with his crowd presence easily makes him one of the best live performers on this list

Ghost Gun Summer

The SlaughterHouse of The Indy Hip-Hip Scene, Ghost Gun Summer comes together with some of the most talented emcees in the city (Oreo Jones, Sirius Blvck, Freddie Bunz, John Stamps) with a cohesiveness that qualifies them for this list as one entity.

Lil E

One of the longest runs on top of the Indianapolis Street Scene places him on this list without question. Unfortunately, his reign was also cut short due to legal troubles — but that does not take away from his impact locally.

Mariah Ivey


Very few people have been doing it consistently been doing it at a higher level than Mariah Ivey and her group Tribe Soul Even without an official project this year, it would be wrong to deny her a spot on this list.


10 years in the game and Maxie is still holding his own — expanding his influence beyond the booth to one of the Top Clothing Stores in the city, Nap Or Nothing. Now an OG in the city’s scene, he shows no signs of slowing down in 2019

Mula Kkhan

Conquering the fountain square scene, getting shows from Indianapolis to Memphis, and dropping what many call one of the best Projects of the Year — Mula Khann has earned his spot this year.

NeAani Street

Bars Wise — NeAani Street may be hands down the best rapper on this list. She has proven she can more than hold her own with any man or woman in the city, and her track record of music and performances backs this up.

Playbwoi The Great

After years of grinding, Playbwoi got a HUGE cosign when he was signed by one of Indianapolis’s favorite rappers– Lil Boosie. While that news was big enough on its own, it’s his track record of quality music that earned him that deal, and this spot on the list.

Pope Adrian Bless

The Ultimate Wildcard — Pope has been all over the world this year, literally. Performing in China, headlining this years successful Oranje Festival, performing at Chreece, dropping his most recent acclaimed project ‘Fury Road’ — Pope is right here where you’d expect him to be.


One of the most refreshing and real artists in the city — Skypp’s influence, positive content, and creative ability have led him to be one of the most unique and respected artists in the city. And with a number of performances under his belt, including a recent one at The Jazz Kitchen where he was backed by a live band, he constantly is evolving as an artist.


Trajik may have made the biggest headlines of any rapper in the city when he made it on the hit show “Empire” — but his music, hustle, and drive have made him one of the most talked about rappers consistently in the city. He doesn’t seem to be losing any momentum moving into 2019.


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