Arrogant Father of Disgraced Center Grove Bully Attacks Family of James Franklin

Arrogant Father of Disgraced Center Grove Bully Attacks Family of James Franklin

(UPDATE) Photo Credit for the ‘Lyin Fred Lyons photo in this headline goes to WTHR’s Rich Nye — one of the biased journalists and apologists of the ‘Lyon family of Bullies — who has been using his platform to defend the Lyons and Center Grove. Visit his Facebook page here.

The saying goes, and forgive me if I’m a bit off….”The Apple doesn’t fall too far……. from the center of the grove”. That could have many meanings to many people, but right now I interpret it as — one arrogant, entitled, smug, a**hole mathematically has a high probability of bringing another one into existence.

When the father of disgraced heckling Bully, Fred ‘Lying’ Lyons — who has made national news for mocking the seizures of Cathedral Basketball player James Franklin Jr — was given another undeserved spotlight by the Indianapolis star, he had the no-brainer of an option to respond with the class and humility his son failed to display last Friday Night. Instead, Ed ‘Lyin Sr proceeded to insert his foot directly into his mouth, and all the way down through his ass.

With one repulsive statement, ‘Lyin Ed Lyons managed to squander any molecules of good will his family and son could ever hope to gain from this unfortunate situation.

The arrogant tone of those handful of sentences fittingly represents almost everything wrong with this situation, and the height of the White Privilege and Supremacy that is permeating from everything that has happened since ‘Lyin Jr mocked James Franklin that night. Let us break this down.

The lack of remorse.

There were a number of responses that ‘Lyin S.r (that’s your new name) could have picked when given the platform via the Indianapolis Star: Maybe…Our family is regretful of this unfortunate situation? Perhaps, I understand the feelings of the Franklin’s and hope they accept our apologies whenever they are ready? Maybe anything but the condescending and arrogant statement that actually left his ‘Lyin lips? Instead of displaying any sort of humility, even if it was fake & contrived, Ed ‘Lyin Sr. chose instead to stick his middle finger to anyone daring to demand accountability from his classless offspring and his educational institution.

Lack of Facts.

“Get their 15 minutes of fame” A couple things to know about the Franklin family. James Franklin Jr has been a standout basketball player on one of the top high school basketball teams in the basketball rich state of Indiana for over a year now. He has had accolades, headlines in the state’s largest news publication, and more deserved attention for his talents and mental fortitude than your son ‘Lyin Jr. has ever managed to achieve in his scholastic — and cheerleading career.

His father, DJ JF The Legend — was one of the most popular radio personalities for years at one of the largest radio stations in Indiana, Hot 96.3 — you may not have heard that before now because unlike someone, the Elder Franklin has the  dignity the Lyons seem to distinctly lack. He hasn’t had to throw around his influence or connections to belittle anyone else. But please believe the massive amount of respect the Franklins have in the Indianapolis Black Community is evident with the amount of support and love they continue to receive. Nothing about the “15 minutes of fame” statement was based in reality.

Fred ‘Lyin Lyons did his homework on cathedral players, even mocking mothers.

Lack of Class.

“I’m tickled to death James Franklin is able to play basketball” Excuse my language, but what in the entire f**** do you mean, “Tickled to death” ?? Just wait one moment. Of ALL THE PHRASES  in the world that could be said — “I’m very happy” “it is extremely fortunate” “it is an awesome story” “it’s amazing” etc — ‘Lyin Sr says “ticked to death” ( a phrase usually describing amusement) when referring to someone who has suffered from near-fatal seizures their entire life. Just think about that for a second……The absolute lack of class involved in that statement would put Summer Vacation to shame. That rotten apple falling in the center of the ‘Lyin  Grove, once again


“It is a modern miracle that he has been able to survive and play basketball like he can. I wish one of my kids could play that well, but let it go”. Only an arrogant scum ball like ‘Lyin Sr would even think any traces of humility could be interpreted from those words. The only bit of authenticity in that statement is the hint of envy and jealousy that the Franklins produced a child who gains positive attention for his skills and determination rather than his ability to flail and convulse shirtless on the sidelines of a basketball court — like a beached whale on the ocean’s shore.

This highlights the lack of character and traces of White Supremacy in ‘Lyin Sr’s  response. Instead of having the testicular fortitude to say what he felt plainly — ‘Lying Sr The Liar chose to use a set of backhanded compliments and clearly inflammatory statements, which somehow managed to be full of racist micro-aggressions with only a handful of sentences. White Supremacists are very adept at using coded language when verbalizing their ignorance and bigotry, and at this point I suspect many of the offenders in this situation to be actively practicing White Supremacy. However, for the number of us in the community who live through this on a daily basis — this racist dog-whistling sets off instant red flags.

I’m White (right) and I say so

This brings us to another theme of this unfortunate situation. It’s called the “I’m White (right) and I say so” rule. It’s the steadfast belief that despite the foolishness of your stance, current realities, or amount of evidence against anything you might be saying — that you are right no matter what, and anything you say must be taken at 120% face value. Let us also break this down

He was flopping like a fish. There is no documented evidence of anyone ever in the history of sporting doing a “flopping like a fish” dance in the crowd to taunt players, or of my menace of a offspring doing it either before James Franklin Jr was on free throw line — But I’m White (right) and I say so!

The Franklins just want 15 minutes of fame — don’t mind the fact that James Franklin Jr has been one of the most covered and respected players in Indiana High School Basketball, and his father a well known and acclaimed Radio DJ with a large successful platform of his own years before you birthed Little Bully ‘Lyin Jr — I’m white (right) and I say so.

Lying The 2nd (Fred Lyons)  had no idea James Franklin had a history of suffering from seizures. — Just ignore the multitude of evidence showing that to be untrue. Fred Lyons also had a picture of another Cathedral players mother taped on his teenage beer belly. An alleged text from a center grove student plainly states Cathedral Players were researched by Center Grove’s student section. James Franklin’s family says they heard the crowd egging James on to “have another seizure”. The absurdity of the “flopping like a fish” excuse — some ancient colonizer spectator ceremony that nobody ever heard or saw at a sporting event until this story went viral. None of that matters. I’m white (right) and I say so.

The enablers of this situation are almost as bad as the offenders. The Indianapolis Mainstream Media — specifically Indystar and WTHR — have run to the defense of The Lyons and Center Grove with a series of biased, unsubstantiated, and at times outright false news stories and segments. They are attempting to victimize the Lyons and Center Grove – and by giving them a platform to once again mock and now outright insult the entire Franklin Family have only escalated the situation.

The IHSAA also continues to be silent as the story continues to go viral, reaching even more national media outlets all who are almost unanimously in agreement with condemning Center Grove, The Lyons Family, and all other entities who have enabled  this disrespect against the Franklins, and now the greater community of Indianapolis

But this isn’t going away. Multiple Indianapolis schools are united in taking a stance against the lack of accountability and responsibility on Center Grove’s part in this controversy. Basketball teams have marked on their calendars when Center Grove will be coming to play at their schools — and any squad opposing them on a weekly basis on the basketball court just became the crowd favorites of the rest of the City of Indianapolis. 6A State Football Champion Warren Central will be honoring Epilepsy Awareness with a ceremony during their next game. The Lyons have united the city of Indianapolis in ways nobody would have expected, across geographical boundaries in the city and rival schools.

The Black Community has rallied around the Franklins in a truly breathtaking and inspiring way, even with the lack of local mainstream and even Black Media (Indianapolis Recorder? Your silence is DEAFENING) The outburst of love and support certainly has not only been felt throughout the city, — but as we can see with the national media support — the country. This ain’t over, but your 15 minutes of fame almost are, You ‘Lyin Lyon Liars.