A Group of Indianapolis Women are Shaming Themselves, and their City.

A Group of Indianapolis Women are Shaming Themselves, and their City.

April is ending with Black Women from Indy fighting in the streets…..and it’s not a good look…….. 


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In nearly the last week alone, two viral videos of Indianapolis Women fighting in the streets (or in one case a salon) has swept through the social media waves of the Circle City….and it’s not a good look for anyone involved.

On April 21st the first video hit Facebook, featuring two former-best friends having a free-for-all in a local hair salon. Since this video featured two well-known and popular (on social media, take that for what it’s worth) ladies, it was followed with hundreds of shares and paragraphs of speculation on what caused the altercation.


A little over a week later, another viral fight vid is making it way through people’s social media feeds, this time starring an even larger group of women egging on and instigating a brawl literally in the middle of the street.


I’m not going to even go into the numerous stories and speculation surrounding what caused both of these fights, none of that really matters. What does is for some reason a large segment of women in our community think it’s cute to behave in this fashion…and just to be fair the Black Men in BOTH of these videos who refuse to initially break up these incidents and stand on the sideline may be an even BIGGER problem, but I’ll save that for another day. This is not a good representation of the Black Community in Indianapolis, and instead of applauding and cheering on this kind of stuff it’s time to start calling out the people involved — all of them.