5 Reasons Black Fans Should Boycott The Colts & The NFL #BoycottNFL

5 Reasons Black Fans Should Boycott The Colts & The NFL #BoycottNFL


Black Colts Fans, it’s time for us to drop our support of the Indianapolis Colts, in response to the blackballing of Colin Kapernick.

The 2017-18 NFL season is rapidly approaching, and Colin Kaepernick appears to be on the permanent unemployed-list. Despite there being numerous other quarterbacks with jobs who have fared significantly worse than Kaepernick statistically, and being just a few years removed from leading his team to the Super Bowl, all signs point to Colin not having a job when the NFL kicks off it’s season in the upcoming months. The League and it’s group of team owners have sent a clear message on what it means to speak out for black rights, and have also revealed their complete lack of fear of repercussions or backlash from the Black Community.

Here are 5 reasons why all colts fans should completely boycott all Horsehoe-related related activities, including social media posts.

1. The Colts could use Colin Kaepernick

5 Reasons Black Fans Should Boycott The NFL and The Colts

Longtime fans of the Indianapolis Colts should be familiar with the struggles of the team caused by the lack of a credible backup quartback. in 2011, Peyton Manning missed the entire season due to complications with neck surgery, The Colts followed by having a league-worst 2 and 14 record and securing the 1st pick in the NFL Draft. They famously went through a terrible rotation of backup quarterbacks on route to that dubious honor. The last 2 seasons, as marquee quarterback Andrew Luck has struggled with his own spat of injuries, The Colts have finished with back-to-back lackluster seasons with 8-8 records. The lack of a true threat in the backup QB position has arguably cost the Colts 3 out of their last 6 seasons of league play.

At this point signing Colin Kaepernick, a former Super Bowl starter and NFC Champion- who posted a completely respectable 16 touchdowns to only 4 interceptions last season — would do nothing but add a talented piece of insurance to a team that has proven to be in desperate need of a viable backup quarterback option.

2. Peyton Manning is one of the Biggest supporters of Donald Trump

Peyton Manning Donald Trump

Number #18 is universally hailed as hero throughout not just Indianapolis, but the entire state of Indiana. He will have a statue in his likeness unveiled outside of the Colt’s home of Lucas Oil Stadium before the upcoming NFL season. His few perceived shortcomings — like allegedly sexually assaulting a woman while attending college in Tennessee, and being a longtime Republican, have generally been overlooked by Colts Fans from all walks of life due to the accomplishments he achieved — leading the Colts franchise to their 4th League championship and first in the city of Indianapolis. However, Manning’s political affiliations have recently grabbed more headlines due to his open support of President Donald Trump.

Besides his recent golf outing with the president that Manning described enjoying on Jimmy Kimmel, Manning was the keynote speaker at a Republican retreat soon after Trump was sworn into office. While it should come to no surprise that Manning is a  good-ol-boy Republican, his political beliefs by association clearly don’t align with the vast majority of Black America, and he is by far the most celebrated Colt of all time in the city.

3. The Colts have a very small presence in the Black Community of Indianapolis.

andrew luck charity

The Colts are not known as exactly being a staple in the Urban Community in the capital city of Indiana. A visit to the Colts official listing of their community sponsored events will show out of 19 only one —  a yearly construction of a playground in a local inner-city park — can be described as targeting the Black Community in the city.  Despite a few “community” events, there is a distinct lack of offerings for the Black Community. In contrast, this page describes a “Hispanic Heritage Football Camp”  where the colts invite local youth to participate in a football camp “in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month”.

Even though overwhelming majority of the team and star players being Black, there seems to be no interest from the Horseshoe to do anything specific for the community, besides building a playground in a park and calling it a good year. If the team actually was more visible in the numerous community groups and activism causes, there would be less cause to call for a total boycott by Black fans.

4.  The Original Colts are from Baltimore — One of the Hotspots of Police Brutality in America

Baltimore uprising

This one may be reaching like Stretch Armstrong — but maybe it’s not. The Baltimore Colts infamously packed their bags into Mayflower vans and moved to Indianapolis in the dead of night back in 1984. The move infuriated residents of Baltimore for decades to follow, even after they received a new team in the form of The Baltimore Ravens (which ironically, were the former Cleveland Browns).

Even though both cities have moved on, the ties will forever hold. And Baltimore has experienced more than it’s fair share of unrest due to the brutality of their police officers against Black Men. The 2015 murder of Freddie Gray  at the hands of The Baltimore Police Department sparked a violent uprising that lasted almost a month long immediately following Gray’s death. This pattern is not new to the city, for over 70’s it has held a reputation of having a police force known for murdering unarmed Black People. Just recently, Baltimore Police Officers were caught by their own body cams planting drugs on citizens. Indianapolis could possibly take note of the response by the Black Community of Baltimore to police executions — the recent murder of Indianapolis-resident and unarmed Black Man Aaron Bailey was met with a tepid response by the Indy Activism Community.

5. Colts Owner Jim Irsay Spoke Out Directly Against Kaepernick

Jim Irsay drunk


Despite Jim Irsay having a earned reputation of being a drunk, pill popper, spoiled, and a version of Donald Trump on twitter before Donald Trump was actually on Twitter   — Jim usually receives the benefit of the doubt from the vast majority of the Colts Community. Infact, his outspokenness and willingness to say whatever is on his mind has been applauded by fans. We have come to count on Jim to say his true thoughts, and to be  a friend of free speech. That’s until he decided to speak on the Colin Kaepernick situation himself, which gave us this quote.

“I think it’s the wrong venue,” Irsay said. “It hasn’t been a positive thing. What we all have to be aware of as players, owners, PR people, equipment managers, is when the lights go on we are entertainment. We are being paid to put on a show. There are other places to express yourself.”

That story described Irsay as the “Rock N Roll rebel” of NFL owners, and spoke on the meaning of him taking that stance against Kapernick. The NFL owners are in solidarity in making sure Colin Kaepernick never plays in their league again, and Irsay is falling right in line.

The Colts are just as big of culprits in the Blackballing of Colin Kaepernick as any entity in the NFL and deserve any Backlash the league receives in response.