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Ten Point Coalition & IBE Prostitute Themselves To Mike Pence, GOP.

Ten Point Coalition & IBE Prostitute Themselves To Mike Pence, GOP.

mike pence luncheon indianapolis
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The Ten Point Coalition has no lows in how they exploit the Indianapolis Black Community. And now they have IBE involved.

The Ten Point Coalition are no strangers to the Pimp Game here in Indianapolis.  For years they have been pimping out various black causes locally, advertising their services to the white establishment who needed a token Black Group to help push their agendas.  You can also find them on various street corners — like ladies of the night — except they do their strolls in broad daylight — long before the sun sets and the bulk of the crimes they so eagerly take credit for preventing, begin. You see the Backpage-Coalition does not discriminate, they will work both ends of the spectrum as long as the profit is there.

Whether it was receiving a Fraudulent Award from the FBI for Community Leadership while simultaneously having their leadership rejected locally in the community, supporting Stop-and-Frisk which has been proven to disproportionally target Blacks while not lowering crime rates, constant begging for increased funding, despite receiving over $600,000 dollars since 2012 alone . I mean to be frank, when you have a well known suspected white-supremacist-collaborator here in Indy championing you cause, that speaks for itself. Last year, while then Vice Presidential-Nominee Mike Pence was speaking on the murders of unarmed Black People by criticizing what he viewed as “excessive focus on racism in law enforcement” — The Ten Point Coalition and their leader, Reverend Charles Harrison, were walking arm in arm with Pence in a Community Photoshoot.

Realizing he could use his new White-House Connection to pump (pimp) more money into his Community Scam, Harrison announced that Mike Pence would be returning to Indianapolis to be the Keynote Speaker at the annual Ten-Point Coalition Luncheon. And here’s the kicker —- this is what a ticket to this sham of a community-event will run you.

10 Point coalition mike pence indianapolis luncheon
How to commit armed robbery with no weapon.

I verified, not only the price– but that I also was infact not dreaming when I checked — and yes you read that correctly. $1500 dollars will get you a nosebleed seat that I can only assume offers some type of appetizers, but for the Big Baller Brand exclusive package you will be dropping $25,000 to partake. Knowing that most Black People active in the community would not pay $1.50 — much less $1500 — to come listen to Mike Pence discuss community issues he is entirely detached from, the true intentions of this event are plain. Harrison and his Ten-Point Coalition have desperately been searching for ways to infuse big bucks into their organization, because apparently the hundreds of thousands they receive already is not enough.

The Coalition hopes that wealthy White GOP donors, the ones that overwhelming voted for Trump in the Presidential Elections, will happily pay the price tag to say they had lunch with the Vice President. This may be the first Community Luncheon held by a Local Group where not a single Black Community Leader is present (despite what Harrison may feel about his standing in the community).

mike pence luncheon indianapolis
IBE President Tanya Bell

And Indiana Black Expo aren’t going to escape getting this work either. Following one of the most lackluster Black Expos in history, where even the desperation move of offering free admission to the exhibit hall could not inject energy into the festival — IBE could not help getting a piece of the pie Harrison was baking to poison the community. Located  at bottom of the cover on the invite to the luncheon is a contact on who to reach if you are interested in purchasing a ticket. The name is “Tanya Bell” at tonya@indytenpoint.org . To those not familiar with this name, Tanya  is the acting President and CEO of the Indianapolis Black Expo Group.

mike pence indianapolis luncheon

mike pence indianapolis luncheon
IBE about page Staff Listing

While not sponsoring the event officially, or allowing their president to even use her IBE email on the invite, make no mistake that the Indiana Black Expo are complicit and a collaborator in putting on this luncheon. This speaks to the dismal situation the Black Community in Indianapolis faces, when even our biggest perceived community entity will host an event to capitalize off of a personality who spreads messages approving the death and mistreatment of our people. This also sheds light on why the Black Expo continues to get worse year-after-year, with Tanya Bell headlining the organization, there should now be serious questions on if the event even aims to serve the Black Community.

We will have updates on several local groups who plan to have a large demonstration outside of the event showing their displeasure.